Understanding The Role Of Your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee

When your bankruptcy paperwork is received by the federal court, you are assigned a trustee. Bankruptcy trustees are appointed to oversee cases and their roles involve several facets of your case. It's important to know that trustees are not necessarily on your side nor are they adversarial – they are supposed to be neutral, just like a judge would be. Read on to find out more about the role of the trustee and, consequently, about some of the most important milestones you will encounter during the bankruptcy process.

Your Intro To Taxes And Bankruptcy

If you're about to declare bankruptcy, you're not alone. Bankruptcy is far more common than many people realize, and chances are there are a couple of people you know who have had to go the bankruptcy route as well. However, that doesn't mean that the process is easy. It is relatively simple when you see everything you have to do, but when you're first starting out, it can be confusing, especially in relation to your taxes.

Filing A Lawsuit For Teen Bullying

Getting bullied is a common problem that many teens experience during their school years. Although bullying along is enough to send someone into a state of depression, the problem is even more severe when there is physical action along with it. For instance, sometimes bullies throw food and other items at their victim, or start a fight that leads to injuries. Is your teen currently going through such a situation and you are ready to take a stand against his or her bully?

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Free Bankruptcy Consultation

Almost all bankruptcy lawyers offer free consultation visits to people who are interested in learning more about bankruptcy. They do this to give people a chance to ask questions and learn more about how bankruptcy would help them through their financial problems. If you want to file for bankruptcy but are not sure if it is the right path to take, you should meet with a bankruptcy lawyer, and you should prepare for this visit.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: What About Your Spouse?

If you're interested in Chapter 13 bankruptcy due to your own personal financial issues, it may be possible to file without your spouse. However, filing in this way could also lead to complications. It depends on how your debt is structured and how you want it removed. Here are three things to consider. Your Spouse's Income Don't file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy alone just because you think it'll lower your income below the required threshold.

Why Get A Business Loan Attorney When Applying For A Loan?

A business loan can help you grow your business. Whether you are an entrepreneur just getting off your feet or you've established your business and need to grow, you need capital to get your company to the next level. Getting a business loan can be tricky. You have to prove your business's worth in addition to providing proof that your business fills a niche in your community that will continue to grow.

How To Handle Bankruptcy If You Are Getting Divorced

Money problems is listed as the second most common reason marriages end in divorce, and this is why many couples who split up end up looking into bankruptcy. If you are going through a divorce right now and have major financial issues, you may want to file for bankruptcy to ease these burdens. If this is something you are considering, you should determine whether you should file individually for bankruptcy or jointly with your spouse.

When Is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Better Than Chapter 7?

If you cannot see light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to the debt you have, you could turn to bankruptcy for help. When you do this, a lawyer will help you determine which branch you qualify for and which branch would be better for you. In many cases, people will qualify for Chapter 7 but will be better off filing for Chapter 13, and here are several reasons why.

What You Need To Know About Your Car And Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

If you're considering bankruptcy, it can be nerve-wracking to wonder what might happen to your vehicle. Understanding the laws in place in bankruptcy court can help you make the best decisions possible regarding your finances and situation. When You Own Your Car If your car is fully paid for, you may not have anything to worry about. Many states offer exemptions for personal property in bankruptcy. These provisions often include exemptions for a modest vehicle.

Your Financial Fresh Start Guide To Bankruptcy

Almost no one declares bankruptcy on a whim, but after many sleepless nights and worrying you may have finally realized that there is no other way to get control of your financial situation. Once you have submitted your federal chapter 7 filing, you are now on your way to a second chance to do better and make more educated and wise financial decisions. To make sure that you make the most of the second chance that this filing has provided for you, read on for a guide to getting back on track and preventing mistakes after your bankruptcy is final.